How’s That Garden Doing?

This is Andrew and my third year with our community garden plot here in Madison. It’s most certainly my favorite nook of the city, surrounded by black walnut trees that used to serve as a carriage way back in the 1800’s. It is the ultimate secret garden.

Despite the drought and hundred degree temperatures southern Wisconsin has been facing recently, I’d say our garden is hanging on pretty well. Usually we have a small plot, but rezoning gifted us the neighboring ground, making our new plot 25 x 30 feet (8 x 9 m). Pretty exciting for the tomatoes, which we always overcrowd.

Welcome to University Housing Community Garden:

And this is our plot:

And these are a few of the things we’re growing:

Some fennel…

Red Russian kale…

curly kale…

Brussels sprouts…

a French melon variety…

and about 20 tomato plants.

Which are finally coming around.

Along with these we’ve got cucumbers, carrots, radishes, lacinato kale, bell peppers, and a whole lot of beets!

Stay tuned for garden updates throughout the season!


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